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Have You Ever Written Down A Phone Number And Then Forgotten Who's Number It Actually Was?

If yes, we are to help! With a reverse phone lookup service you'll be able to identify and track all cell phone, landline and even private unlisted numbers. And that’s just the beginning of what you can find out. A quality reverse phone lookup service also helps you to track down numbers of blank calls and prank calls. The reverse number search allows you to discover:

  • Full Name ID and Full Address of the caller number
  • Cell phone information or phone carrier identification
  • Date of birth
  • Date of issuance etc
  • And many more details!

Just like our extensive research has proven, this is as close to the perfect reverse number and data information search tool as you can get which will also help you to ensure the safety and privacy of you and your family. The best search tools also include definitive alternate insight searches to locate lost associates in virtually minutes. Simply, easily and without any hassles.

Rigorous Testing
Our tests show high accuracy of the results which by far are the best than any other source of information we have encountered. Our studies assure that you will get all the detailed information you desire, quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Detailed Reporting
Our analysis showed that these websites provide detailed, comprehensive and extremely accurate information for almost any type of numbers (both mobile and landline numbers as examples). A full explanation of the available and accessible information is provided before you pay. We believe that this is the most accessible risk-free option.

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Reverse Phone Lookup Services We Have Tested
Reverse Phone Detective
Cell Phone Registry
Phone Number Scan
USA Phone Lookup
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Valued Features Of The Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services
Reverse Phone Detective
Cell Phone Registry
Phone Number Scan
USA Phone Lookup
Complete Phone Reports
Provides Unlimited Reverse Phone Lookups
Gives Immediate Access
Offers Privacy Option
Cross-Database Searches
100% Guaranteed?'s complete compilation of the best Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Top Choice

1. Reverse Phone Detective

General Questions

How does this work? Where does this information come from? is an advanced search gateway that grants you access to hundreds of millions of records about landline, mobile, and unlisted phone numbers. These records are collected from public information and other sources.

What is the purpose of a reverse phone lookup search?
There are many reasons why you might want to conduct a reverse phone lookup search:

  • Find out the source of a harassing ("prank") caller
  • Research a number that appeared on your phone bill
  • Locate an old friend from high school or college
  • Research "missed calls" on your caller ID that you don't recognize
  • Verify an address
  • And more


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2. Cell Phone Registry

Reverse Phone Lookup

Are you receiving strange calls in the dead of night, and do you want to find out who is calling and from where? Have you ever noticed an unusual number that suddenly appears on your phone bill and you have no trace of the number? Maybe it is an early indication of someone piling up problems for you or some kind of identity theft. However, whatever be the reason you have for wanting to get more information about a number, or to look up for a caller, the right way and the easiest way to do it is with reverse phone lookup tool

Sometimes we tend to use the popular search engines to see if we can find a website or software that can get the required information of any cell phone owner. But the search engines display so many crappy pages that it becomes impossible to find out something that is decent.

Instead of looking for a website that offers a cell phone lookup service, have you considered doing the work yourself? Let me explain this fact as it is very simple. Everyone has access to Internet these days. And everyone with Internet access usually has some kind of presence online. It could be a social networking profile on Myspace, Orkut, Facebook or Bebo. It could be a blog or a forum account. Sometimes people will leave their personal contact details on their web pages. So if you search for a particular cell phone number, you have a fair chance of bringing these profiles up

As I mentioned, there are wrong ways to try and get caller related information. One way that people may think of trying to use a wrong way is through regular search engines such as Google or yahoo. These are not good methods, as the information regarding the cellular service customers is usually closely guarded by the cellular service providers. This kind of information has very little chance of ever getting found by the regular search engines because of this. But, there are places to go that are much better than the search engines

The places that have access to cellular information are places such as reverse search directories. Sites such as these are specifically designed to make it easy to get this information. The best sites will only require you to enter a number into a search box, and the information will be available within seconds. So, you can get the name of a caller the easiest way with reverse cell search and save a lot of hassle. And you can get all the information related to the owner.

Getting your hands on this type of information proves to be invaluable. This is especially true in cases where you desperately need to find out who a particular cell line belongs to. For instance, if you dig a number out of your husband or wife's phone or your daughterís or your sonís phone and just aren't buying the story they are giving you about who it belongs to, you are now able to use this type of directory to actually get the information yourself. No longer do you have to take their word for it. Now you are simply able to enter the number in the Search option and get all of the personal information that you require.


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3. Phone Number Scan

Are you able to search for E-Mail Addresses?
At this time, we do not offer a reverse e-mail address search.

What does "Available" mean?
Available link means that we have gathered this information from public records and it will display the data to our registered members.

How current is data?
We access a variety of different public records sources from our data partners. Our records are updated as soon as county databases make them available.

Is anyone notified I am searching for their number?
No one is notified. All searches are private and anonymous.

What Credit Card types do you accept?
We accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Discover. We also accept PayPal and online checks.

Are you able to search for cell phone #'s?
Our information is gathered from public records and magazine subscriptions. Many mobile numbers will show up as available.

Are you able to search for company information?
Unfortunately, we do not provide business information searches. Our search product is primarily focused on searching for consumers, not companies or organizations.

Are you able to search for unlisted phone numbers?
PhoneNumberScan provides online access to public records. We also provide access to publicly-available information such as published telephone numbers.

Is your website secure?
We are very sensitive to the privacy and security concerns individuals have with respect to personal information. Our website is secure and utilizes 128bit encryption.


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4. USA Phone Lookup

Why Do I Need To Do A Reverse Phone Lookup Search?

A reverse phone lookup search is used by people from all walks of life for different purposes including, but not limited to:

  • If you have been receiving nuisance calls you can discover exactly who is making these calls to your number.
  • Lots of missed calls on your phone from the same number but no idea who they are from? It might be important and with a Reverse Phone Lookup you can find out who they were from.
  • With a monthly or yearly membership you get unlimited phone and people searches allowing you to find long lost friends or relatives, address history and more...

These are just a few examples of how you can benefit from a Reverse Phone Lookup.

What Numbers Can I Do A Reverse Phone Lookup For?

Reverse Phone Lookup searches millions of US landline, cell phone and unlisted numbers. You can not currently search for Canadian or international numbers.

What Can I Do With The Information I Find?

You can print off any information you retrieve from our comprehensive database including maps and other details. None of the information retrieved can be used for illegal purposes or nuisance calls including telemarketing.

Are My Searches Confidential?

Yes. We do not pass your details of your searches onto any third parties.


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